Cooling Off Period Protocol

West Lancashire Football League.
Cooling Off Period Protocol.
For all matches under the auspices of West Lancashire Football the protocol is that Club Managers, Coaches, etc may not approach the Match Officials at half-time nor until at least 20 minutes after the game has finished (this includes not going onto the field of play at the end of the match nor waiting for the match in the tunnel area to their dressing room.
In principle, post -match ‘cooling off period are:
• Applicable after the end of every game
• Applicable to all occupants of the Technical Area and players
• Designed to reduce confrontation by creating a period of reflection so that any discussion can take place in a calm atmosphere so that it is fruitful as possible for all parties leading to greater understanding.
• Likely to result in considerably fewer case of misconduct

Benefits of having such a post-match @cooling off protocol
• Prevents obvious public dispute on the field of play that detracts from image of the game.
• Reduces the likelihood of confrontation/misconduct and all the aftermath entails
• Reduces the adrenaline levels in everyone concerned
• Allows calm, rational conversation to take place that should benefit both parties
• Allows all parties to have a period of reflection and reduction in stresses the game produces
• Allows the match official/s time to complete the official paperwork
• Give the opportunity for an Assessor to be present so that he can watch, listen and offer advice or an opinion, if appropriate to do so
• Reduces pressure on referees
There would then be a consistency across all Steps where ‘Professional Game’ referee operate, thereby allowing a smooth transition as they or clubs migrate through the game.
Therefore, please bring this to the attention of your team management.
This notice should be displayed in home, away and match officials dressing rooms along with any other League Directives issued to Member Clubs.
By order of the League Management Committee
Signed H.J Brown General Secretary

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